40 Things I learned by 40…and I think you should know…pt. 2

Hi guys! Well here we are, part 2 of my blog post from last week, 40 Things I learned by 40…and I think you should know… sooooo here we go:

22-Unless I have expressed that I feel like I am in a style rut, I will not be changing my hair, make up, clothes, etc…to suit what someone else wants to see on me. I know what makes me feel good, so if I want to wear straight hair, straight hair it is or curly hair, curly hair it is. Whatever makes ME feel good.
23-If the Lord speaks to me in regard to praying with or for someone, I need to do it, regardless of what I am personally feeling.
I do not like seafood and I mean NO seafood! It does not matter how it’s cooked.
I don’t like watermelon or bananas either… yuck!
ometimes I may be a little harder on my kids in certain things than I should, because I see a little bit of me in them… but I want them to be better than me.
27-If you’re taking a test with multiple choice, when in doubt, choose C. “:)
ometimes the reason I don’t necessarily like to hang out, is because I feel like I have to be “ON.” When people think you are funny, sometimes, they want you to entertain them and that takes a lot of work. And believe it or not, sometimes I just want to be quiet and enjoy the atmosphere.
I no longer hate running.
30-It now irritates me when people discredit Kim Kardashian’s CURRENT legitimate businesses based on the fact that she put out a sex tape years ago. And I think what is especially irritating is that some of these people that do this are Christians and yet they are THE FIRST ones to say, “That’s in my past or God has forgiven me,” when they want you to stay out of their past! So why can’t that be in her past and they stay out of it! And although she may post selfies that people consider to be naked, to my knowledge she has not put out a sex tape recently…She’s moved on…so, why don’t you???
I give myself permission to be excited about my hearts desires and dreams and goals coming to pass. I give myself permission to celebrate them, without the fear of someone else feeling bad about themselves, because they’ve yet to achieve theirs. And I do not mean in a bragging or insensitive way. But I will NO LONGER shrink to make others comfortable. That is an issue that they need to work on within themselves.
hen in Rome… I’m doing something different!
hen I wake up every morning, I wake up thinking that today is the day that everything I’ve asked for, prayed for, sowed a seed for in terms of career and family, that will be the day that it all comes together. And that’s what keeps me going every day.
34-I watch reality TV…and some of it, I like!
35-While I do want to know what others’ think of me, as it relates to business, I will not WEAR the opinions that others have of me, as a burden. As Michele Thornton said in her book Stratechic, “…
we’ve been told over and over again that you shouldn’t care what other people think. That’s partially true. You can’t win unless you know what others think— not knowing puts you at a disadvantage. The winner of the game understands that you can’t give energy to the process. I don’t own what people think of me; I own having the knowledge so I can leverage that knowledge to my benefit. Knowledge is definitely power!”
36-I am really, really, really content with being by myself and I am loving my own company.
37-There are going to be times as I am going through life that I going to ask, OUT LOUD, “Are you THERE GOD?!”  Times that I will FEEL alone, that I will FEEL like GOD is not hearing or answering my prayers, that I will FEEL like the one who created me and GAVE me a purpose, has left me alone. But then I have to look back over my life and think on his word and his promises to me and remember that HE IS right there with me. And that all though I may FALL down, GOD will not let me STAY down.
38-That to live in REAL transparency, it takes strength, courage and honesty about yourself and your own mess you may be in. It is not just talking about being honest about what other people have done to you or how you think other people have hurt you.
39-I love who Taria is now…
40-I love where Taria is going…

Until next week Butterflies…Please know that even with a BROKEN wing…Butterflies can still fly forward!

Love you guys, and thanks for listening!