“My Alabaster Jar…It’s Mine for the Breaking…” Episode 57



Let’s talk about the Alabaster jar and the pure nard inside the jar. In Bible times, Alabaster was very expensive and if a person bought an alabaster box/jar, it was only used for very important purposes. Now the pure nard, also known as “spikenard” that was in the alabaster box, had a strong, distinctive aroma, similar to an essential oil, that clings to skin and hair and continues to give off its heady perfume. It was also thought to have medicinal properties. Spikenard had a unique fragrance, and the presence of its aroma was an indication that the very best had been offered.

Now it’s time for you to BREAK OPEN YOUR JAR!!! No matter what you have been facing, no matter how big you think it is, no matter how many nay-sayers, family included that feels as if they know what is best in regard to your gift, your purpose and your destiny, remember all you have to do is break open your alabaster jar of worship, sit at GOD’s feet, get in his presence and he will surely speak to you, concerning you!

Fly on Butterflies!
Love you guys and thanks for listening!

Scripture reference: Mark 14 vs. 3-9 King James Version